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My name is Harris and I have been surfing for over 45 years. I believe that I’ve come up with an amazing product and I want to reach out to as many people as I can that love the ocean as I do. I feel blessed to be in this position to help out as many water people as I possibly can.Here is where our journey starts. It’s 50?F outside, the winds are blowing 5 to 15 knots out of the east by north east. The surf is 4 to 6 feet and pumping barrels. Sounds pretty insane so far, but are you ready to put on your 5-4 millimeter fullsuit or your 4-3 millimeter fullsuit? No! Not unless you have Surfsock THE WETSUIT SOLUTION.

Why would you want Surfsock THE WETSUIT SOLUTION?. Because this is the solution for putting on and taking off your full wetsuit under the most extreme conditions - making the process much easier and at the same time minimizing stretching out the seams of your wetsuit. With Surfsock the wetsuit solution you really can put both your feet in at the same time and put on your full suit. You won’t believe how simplified and fast it is to get your wetsuit on and off when you are using Surfsock THE WETSUIT SOLUTION.

How many times have beat your wetsuit into the ground or pavement trying to get it off after your go out? Have you ever bounced off the ground tripping on your cold wetsuit after surfing? With Surfsock The wetsuit solution , you won’t believe how much easier it is to remove your wetsuit.

What makes the Surfsock THE WETSUIT SOLUTION so effective? It was invented and designed by a surfer who has spent countless hours surfing. They are specifically created from a water resistant material combined with a stretch fabric that ultimately makes Surfsock the wetsuit solution both extremely functional as well as durable. No matter your size, anyone who wears a full wetsuit will find the process of getting in or out of their wetsuit much easier.

Thanks to Surfsock THE WETSUIT SOLUTION advantage you will be in the lineup or water at least 75% faster.

Getting out of your wetsuit has never been easier. Just slide the ankle cuff over your heal of your foot and see how easy your cold wetsuit slides off. That all adds up to more waves and less stress! You will no longer have to tur your wetsuit inside out to take it off.

Here is what just the first people to see and experience Surfsock THE WETSUIT SOLUTION said:

Ray Simmons, Ventura, California.
“Those were fricken amazing, can I keep them?”
Surfer, seasoned veteran.

Allan Sarlo, Malibu, California.
“Harrrr you pulled it off, congratulations, where’s mine?”
Pro Surfer a.k.a.”big Al”

Craig Koslowski, Oxnard, California.
Fricken cool!
(Silverstrand Specialist)

Adrian Reif, Santa Monica, California.
These things are fricken great!
Owner of Cove Surf Co.

James Allred, Los Angeles, California.
What I like about these is that I can take off my wetsuit so easily.
15 years scuba diver.

Jeff Glass, Los Angeles, California.
Good job Harris.
Owner Rider Shack Surf and Skate Shop

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